Raids at ex-colonel’s residence reveal animal poaching & organised arms racket —

In a massive crackdown on illegal poaching, wildlife hunting and weapons racket, raids carried out by officials in Uttar Pradesh’s town Meerut has exposed an organised racket run by an ex-armyman.

As per information, a team of Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) officials reached the Civil Lines residence of Colonel (retd) Devindra Kumar yesterday (30-04-2017) in the afternoon and the raid continued till 3:30 AM.

In the raid a total of 140 weapons (licensed and illegal), around 50,000 live cartridges, skin of leopard and black buck and Rs 1 crore in cash was seized by the officials. 

The joint operation conducted by the wildlife department of Uttar Pradesh, Meerut police and DRI has revealed that Kumar, along with his son might have carried out the racket across western UP.

Apart from the weapons and animal skins, a massive 117 kilograms of Neelgai (blue bull) meat, wrapped in more than 45 boxes, was also recovered from the residence.

The sample will be sent to Dehradun for further lab testing to confirm whether it is really Neelgai meat. It has to be noted that the poaching of Neelgai is illegal. As per reports, a foreign national is said to be involved in the whole racket.

The police have detained a few persons in the case and the investigation will be carried out further to see how big the racket is. The Colonel’s son, Prashant Bishnoi, a national level skeet shooter has also come under scanner of the police.

The raid has blown the lid off two separate rackets – one involving gun running and the other related to illegal poaching of animals.

The DRI and the others involved in the case will come out with a joint statement after the investigation. 

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